@missnatalienunn: "SHE SAID SHE RUNS LAAAAA" damn that was 5 years ago yall still saying that!

Alright sooooooo,

My mom was like “Oh, clean yo room or clean yo bed off or some shit like that.”

So, me being the wonderful daughter i am clean it off. I neatly took my laptop off my bed and onto the floor.

I clean my bed, made it and shit. So, my happy ass decides to clean off my dresser and what do I do. I tip off my motherfucking water bottle onto my fucking screen and keyboard.

I was like ” nooooooo” this some bullshidd. I clean it off, the computer won’t even turn on.

Now, we have to pray to jesus for warranties and my lovely father.

Ughc, I’m just. This isn’t my week already.

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